Content Server 5.5.1 Documentation

Title HTML PDF Pages
Documentation for Content Contributors and Editors
User's Guide -- PDF 176
Documentation for System Administrators
Administrator's Guide -- PDF 400
Documentation for Architects and Developers
Architecture Guide -- PDF 64
Developer's Guide -- PDF 758
Developer's Tag Reference -- PDF 1370
Java API Reference -- PDF 466
Javadocs HTML
CS-COM Interfaces Reference -- PDF 94
Web Services Reference -- PDF 54
Documentation for Installers
Installing Content Server with BEA WebLogic -- PDF 126
Installing Content Server with IBM WebSphere -- PDF 127
Installing Content Server with Sun ONE -- PDF 90
Installing the Content Server Applications -- PDF 76
Installing CS-Satellite -- PDF 34
In this release, the following guides have been updated to reflect
recent changes to Content Server: Administrator's Guide,
Developer's Guide, Installing Content Server with Sun ONE, and
Installing Content Server with IBM WebSphere. Guides that were
unaffected by changes to Content Server remain labeled as version 5.5.

Check the FatWire e-docs site regularly for the current version of the
release notes and for updates to the documentation set.