Content Server 7.6 
Release Notes


     February 3, 2012

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Welcome to the release notes for Content Server v7.6. For the latest release notes, check the FatWire e-docs web site. The release notes contain descriptions of new features, changes in functionality, known issues or limitations, and other last-minute information about Content Server 7.6.

For additional information, contact FatWire technical support.

Document History:

Removed 25456 from Known Issues as this is as expected and not a bug


Patch Release Name and version

 Patch Release date

CS 7.6 Patch 2 
 ContentServer-bld- 37 Revision: 144617  

 Feb. 3, 2012

CS 7.6 Patch 1 
 ContentServer-bld-32 Revision: 137153  

 June 15, 2011

CS 7.6
 ContentServer-bld-675 Revision: 134577  

 March 31, 2011

   Table of Contents 

·         New Features

·         Installation and Upgrade Notes

·         Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6 Patch 2

o    Advanced UI

o    Advanced UI – Tree Applet

o    API

o    Caching – Satellite Server

o    Content Server - CORE

o    Content Server Developer Tools - Engine

o    Content Server Developer Tools – Plug-in

o    Dash UI

o    Flex Assets

o    Performance

o    Publishing – Common

o    Publishing – Real Time

o    Publishing – Export to Disk

o    Remote Satellite Server

o    Search

o    Security

o    Site Entry / Template

o    Workflow

o    Utility - XMLPost

·         Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6 Patch 1

o    Caching - Page Cache

o    Caching - Satellite Server

o    Content Server - CORE

o    Content Server Developer Tools

o    Dash UI

o    Editor - FCKEditor

o    Page Cache - inCache

o    Publishing - Common

o    Publishing - Console

o    Publishing - Real Time

o    Revision Tracking

o    Security

o    WEM - SSO

·         Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6

o    Advanced UI

o    Authorization

o    API

o    API - JSP Tags

o    AssetMaker Assets

o    Caching - Page Caching

o    Clarkii On-Line Image Editor

o    Content Server CORE

o    Dash UI

o    Editor - FCKEditor

o    Engage

o    Flex Assets

o    InSite - Editing

o    Page Cache - inCache

o    Performance

o    Publishing - Approval

o    Publishing - Common

o    Publishing - Console

o    Publishing - Real Time

o    Publishing - Static

o    Search

o    Start Menu

o    Template

o    Workflow

·         Issues Fixed in Web Experience Management 1.1

o    WEM - SSO

·         Other Important Issues fixed prior to CS 7.6

o    KeyView Removal

o    Caching - Page Caching Enhancements

o    Timestamp Storage Change

o    New Logger

·         Known Issues / Limitations in Content Server 7.6

o    Access Permissions

o    Advanced UI

o    API

o    API-XML Tags

o    AssetCache

o    AssetMaker Assets

o    Basic Assets

o    Browser Support

o    BulkLoader

o    Caching - BLOB Server

o    Caching - Satellite Server

o    CatalogManager

o    CatalogMover

o    Content Server Developer Tools

o    CS-Desktop

o    CS-DocLink

o    CSElement

o    Dash UI

o    Database

o    Editor - eWebEditPro

o    Editor - FCKEditor

o    Editor - ImageEditor

o    Engage

o    Flex Assets

o    InSite Editing

o    Install - Installer

o    Install - Upgrade

o    Page Cache - inCache

o    Publishing

o    Rollup

o    Satellite Server

o    Search

o    Search - Dash UI

o    Site Management

o    Site Launcher

o    Tags

o    Template

o    User Management - LDAP

o    User Management

o    Workflow

o    XMLPost

o    Miscellaneous

·         Known Issues / Limitations in Web Experience Management 1.1


o    WEM UI Framework

o    Miscellaneous

·         Contacting FatWire 

   Getting Started

The Content Server 7.6 document set provides documentation for different kinds of users. Updates to product documentation, as they are made, are posted to the following URL:  For a description of the documents, please refer to the Documentation Notes link on the site. Check the site regularly for the latest set.



   New Features

What's new in Content Server 7.6 Patch 2

Content Server 7.6 Patch 2 has important changes as noted below:

Site Capture 1.1 is available as part of the CS 7.6 Patch 2 download

Multi-Ordered BLOB Support Utility

·         This utility removes ordinal values from mungo tables for multivalued blobs to support the new feature of ordering multi-valued blob attributes introduced via the fix for #16253. Directions for deploying this utility are in the readme.txt found in the \Misc\ file.

Database Utility Enhancement

·         The database performance utility has been updated with CS 7.6 patch 2 to include Global_Q, FW_pubdatastore and _Mungo tables

System Tools Improvements

·         System Tools includes the following improvements in CS 7.6 Patch 2:

o   File System Tests show the actual folders

o   Usability improvements

o   Additional loggers added for log4j

§  com.fatwire.logging.cs.file=INFO

§  com.fatwire.logging.cs.framework=INFO

§  com.fatwire.logging.cs.sseed=INFO

CSDT Enhancements

·         Removed previous requirement that all dependencies be in the workspace to support incremental updates. If dependencies are already in the system, the import will be successful.

·         Workspace location and name are now fully configurable. To take advantage of this change, use PropertyEditor to specify the values for cs.csdtfolder and cs.csdtworkspace which are found in the Export/Mirror tab.

Deprecated functionality in Content Server 7.6 Patch 2

·         The following tags are deprecated as of this release:

o    webservices:invoke

What's new in Content Server 7.6 Patch 1

Content Server 7.6 Patch 1 has important changes as noted below:

Deprecated functionality in Content Server 7.6 Patch 1

·         eWebEditPro is no longer shipped or supported

What's new in Content Server 7.6

Content Server 7.6 introduces new features to help developers and system administrators streamline the process of building and maintaining Content Server (CS) web sites. The CS 7.6 package also includes HF1 which contains important updates and should be applied immediately following rollup to 7.6.

Content Server Developer Tools (CSDT)

System Tools


    Allows system administrators to gather, review and download the information about the Content Server environment directly from the Advanced Interface. The information includes:

Customizable Single Sign-on (CSSO)

CSSO facility is a new customization layer included in the FatWire WEM Framework authentication system, which is built over the Central Authentication Service (CAS). The CSSO facility contains authentication extensions that you can use to create a custom SSO solution, without modifying the CAS configuration. A Spring configuration directs the injection of these extensions into the CAS configuration to implement the desired login behavior.


AssetCache is a new component introduced into the inCache framework. It is a memory-based system, built to improve Content Server’s performance by absorbing load that would otherwise impact the database. AssetCache is available on Content Server nodes.  

Flex Filters API

Flex Filters API is a formalized API that is now available to build filters associated with asset types. When assets of those types are saved, the filters perform operations on the assets.

Rollup Installer enhancements

Rollup Installer enhancements in CS 7.6 provide options to:

TIKA update to version 0.7

FCKEditor changes

(#24292) A new property is added to control how FCKEditor behaves when you include assets within text. When you include assets that use <div> tags, FCKEditor does not change them to <span> tags. If you want FCKEditor to retain the earlier behavior of change <div> tags to <span> tags, add this property and set it to true. For further information please refer to the Property Reference Guide.

Database Utility Enhancement

The database performance utility has been updated with CS 7.6 to include Mungo and AMap tables.

Workflow Enhancement

Workflow locking mechanism has been improved by eliminating a workflow engine lock for all workflow operations

REST API Enhancement

The REST interface now includes an additional API to return site plan navigation.

Features not supported in Content Server 7.6

   Installation and Upgrade Notes

General Notes

See the SPD on FatWire e-docs web site for the list of J2EE components (web servers, application servers, DBMSs, JDBC drivers, etc.) that Content Server 7.5 supports. You should also check with FatWire Support to see if there are any known issues with the configuration you wish to use.

Refer to the vendor release notes for all J2EE components to obtain the latest e-fixes, patches, and service packs required to run your components.

A common problem encountered is a type of JSP Exception such as: "The major.minor version '48.0' is too recent for this tool to understand". This error is related to the incorrect version of tools.jar in the class path. Make sure tools.jar loaded belongs to the correct JRE by launching the JVM with a -verbose option.

Windows install will fail if there is a space in the path to CS home directory

If your installation of Content Server fails, take the following steps before rerunning the installation:

·         Drop the database tables

·         Undeploy the .ear/.war file

·         Delete the CS installation folder

·         Restart the application/webservers

Installing a WebServer between Remote Satellite Server and Content Server, you must set the cookie header property http.protocol.single-cookie-header=true in the file and place it in the Remote Satellite Server Install Directory /WEB-INF/Classes

Ensure that the maximum number of open files handles for your publish destination Operating System is set to 65000, the source should be at least 32000. These numbers are only a guideline and may need to be adjusted depending on the type of data and the size of the publish operation.

To install CS75 GA package on Windows 2008R2, add"Windows Server 2008" in the JVM startup

If using MSSQL2008 and MSSQL2008R2, the following changes to AdvPub.xml are required for publishing:

1. Set "numParallelTasks" value="1"
2. Replace this line:
    <bean id="ApprovalGroupingStrategy" class="com.fatwire.realtime.ApprovalAggregatingGroupingStrategy" singleton="false"></bean>
    <bean id="ApprovalGroupingStrategy" class="com.fatwire.realtime.ApprovalGroupingStrategy" singleton="false"></bean>

Be sure to review the known issues listed in the Installer - Upgrades section before you begin your upgrade.

Asset Type Name Restrictions

The following lists display the asset type names used by Content Server.


Beginning with the release of Content Server 7.5, all administrative database tables created by FatWire in Content Server will be prefixed with FW_. Asset types should not be created with a prefix of FW_.


If you have created asset types using names in our Standard Asset list, upgrade scripts will encounter errors. Manually back up their data and elements before starting the upgrade process to preserve these assets. If you install the sample sites, do not use the Sample Site asset type names listed below when creating custom asset types.


Standard assets - These asset types are created by default:




















Asset Types installed by the FirstSite II Sample Site:

































            Asset Types installed by the Burlington Financial Sample Site:





















       Asset Types installed by the GE Lighting Sample Site:















        Asset Types installed by the Hello Asset World Sample Site:

        Asset Types installed by the Spark Sample Site:

















        Restricted Names for Asset Types:


The following names (in alphabetical order) are reserved for Content Server's use and must not be assigned to custom asset types:



























































































































































































































Any name that starts with VMz



































Security Notes

For security reasons, we recommend that you allow only internal access to the following servlets:

·         Install

·         HelloCS

·         CatalogManager

·         TreeManager

·         DebugServer

·         CacheServer

·         Inventory


In Internet Explorer, the Tools > Internet Options > Settings > Every Visit to the page must be set to true.

To change the character set for Internet Explorer 6.0, click View > Encoding > Unicode (UTF-8).


Tree applet conflicts will exist if you have both CS 6.3 and 7.x running on the same machine on the same port. To resolve a Java applet issue:

1) Right-click the JVM icon in the system tray.
2) Select 'Open Control Panel'.
3) In the JVM Control Panel...

a. Navigate to the General tab.
b. Click the 'Delete Files...' button in the Temporary Internet Files section.
c. Click OK to delete the temporary Java internet files.

4) Right-click the JVM icon in the system tray again.
5) Select 'Open Console'.
6) Within the Console, type 'x'. This will clear the classloader cache.
7) Restart your browser.

Silent Install

For WebLogic installs, the following changes need to be made to the bea_omii.ini file:

1. Set CSInstallbManual=true

2. Uncomment CSManualDeployPath=C\:/bea/weblogic10/user_projects/domains/mydomain/applications and set to the path for the installer to explode the war for deployment

FCKEditor and Online Image Editor

FCKEditor and Online Image Editor ship free with Content Server


CS 7.6 Patch 2 Installs

Fixed Issues:

(#25529) Update xerces.jar to xercesImpl-2.6.2.jar

(#26077) beginobjtag.js file from the CS 7.6 Rollup does not get deployed during the installation

Known Issues:

(#26238) Unable to login via https after rollup from CS75

The following error may occur:

"com.fatwire.cs.core.http.HttpAccessException: org.apache.commons.httpclient.ProtocolException: The server failed to respond with a valid HTTP response



To resolve this:

Change http to https in the deployerConfigContext.xml file in <cas>\WEB-INF folder in these lines:


<property name="loginUrl" value="http://server:port/cs/ContentServer?pagename=fatwire/wem/sso/ssoLogin" />.

<!--property name="csUrl" value="http://server:port/cs/ContentServer" /-->.


CS 7.6 Patch 1 Installs

If you are rolling up from CS 7.5 Patch 5, and were using inCache earlier, you must flush your cache after rollup as the caching mechanism has been changed

CS 7.6 Patch 1 contains all publicly available Hot Fixes released for CS 7.5 patch 5 up to and including HF26 as well as CS 7.6 HF1 and HF2

CS 7.5 Language Pack:

The Language Pack release is a rollup installer which can be installed on CS 7.6 Patch 1. There are two means of installation for the Language Pack:

a. GUI Install which is initiated by executing csrollupinstall.bat or

b. Silent install by following the directions below:

Note - these steps are required even if you have run an installation of Content Server previously as the most updated files must be used

1. In the CS Install folder\ominstallinfo locate omii.ini
2. Place this ini file in a folder other then <installation_folder> and rename it
3. Edit the renamed omii.ini, add the following property:

        To install the Italian Language Pack - it_IT=true

        To install the Japanese Language Pack - ja_JP=true

        To install the German Language Pack - de_DE=true

        To install the French Language Pack - fr_FR=true

        To install the Spanish Language Pack - es_ES=true

        To install multiple Language Packs at the same time, each property must be on its own line - for example, to install French and German Language Packs:



4. Go to the directory where you extracted the rollup package, edit the install.ini
4. Set nodisplay=true
5. Uncomment the loadfile property and set it as loadfile=<path and name of renamed omii.ini from step 1>
    Note: While editing the ini file make sure you specify the file system path correctly for example, for windows:
                                    CSInstallDirectory=C\:/csinstall or c\:\\install                                                                                       

6. Edit csCombinedLangPackInstall.bat or

     Locate COM.FutureTense.Apps.CSSetup -files CombinedLanguageInstall.xml

            Change this line to COM.FutureTense.Apps.CSSetup -silent -files CombinedLanguageInstall.xml



When deploying inCache, the default RMI setting will discover any other inCache systems deployed on the same subnet. To avoid multicast issues, configure RMI to connect only to localhost or eliminate lookup and provide a list of servers to be communicated with. For further information please refer to the Developers Guide inCache section, the RMI settings are specified in the cs_cache.xml and ss_cache.xml files.


(#26742) The following exception may occur on rollup install “Could not initialize class COM.FutureTense.Common.FTProperties” This is due to ehcache picking up ipv6, to force ipv4 to be used, add the following JVM argument to your startup:



 Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6 Patch 2

Advanced UI

(#26106) Empty list warning when editing flex assets in Advanced UI, when no Dimensions are enabled for the site

(#26268) When, the images are not displayed in the popup window

Advanced UI – Tree Applet

(#24994) Applet warnings on JRE 1.6 if all the components of applet are not signed

(#25841) Prompt to enter filter criteria appears twice when the number of first-level nodes (nodes which were children of the "Root" node) exceeds the value specified against treeMaxNodes property


(#22301) Asset.Load opearation in Listener implementation on a basic asset or a flex asset with parent leads to a deadlock

Caching – Satellite Server

(#29470) Remote Satellite Server 76 patch 1, throws the following error after it has been started:

[CS][ERROR] could not read the properties cs.parentfoldercount and cs.childfoldercount


This can be safely ignored - logging level is changed to INFO and not ERROR

(#26669) RSS memory leak in inCache dependency cache

To resolve this, improvements are made in the way that entries are maintained in dependency cache, with these improvements, memory used for storing dependency cache is now optimal.

Content Server – CORE

(#22603 / 26377) CS calls unnecessary deleteonexit to cleanup temporary files even when these files are forced deleted at the end of request     

(#23165) Added support for SMTP port other than 25

To change this from the default of port 25, in futuretense.ini property cs.emailhost specify the port #

For example:


(#25245) Too many ftErrors object created, especially during non-error conditions. This causes a significant performance overhead.

(#25446) Since ftErrors objects are created frequently, there is a performance impact since it inherits from java.lang.Exception. Break that inheritance chain

(#25487) CS unnecessarily throws several types of exceptions lots of times because it uses them as part of the logic.

(#26274) Asset API takes more time if attribute value is null

CSDT - Engine

(#25787) Importing Start Menus forgets their default values

CSDT – Plug-in

(#26182) XML comments do not allow a double hyphen (--)

Dash UI

(#21079) Selecting a parent from multiple parents and then selecting an asset with a "search assets" button clears the first multiple parent selection

(#25511) After applying patch 5 on CS7.5 “Add New Asset” button appears when using a content attribute of the type asset in DashUI. This button should not appear when the user does not have privileges to create a new asset of the type specified in the attribute.

(#26076) UI elements/script files contain URL references that use http instead of https when being accessed over SSL

NOTE: this remains an issue with IE6

(#26104 / 26656) Setting caused blob images to not be displayed in Dash UI

(#26178) Unable to delete assets referenced by other assets using DASH UI when Revision Tracking is enabled  

Flex Assets

(#16253) Multi-ordered BLOB attributes cannot be changed

NOTE - When a new item is uploaded, it will always go to the position where it is uploaded instead of to the last open position.

To move the BLOB, save and then edit.

Delete and replace operations are not supported at the same time, save after the delete and then upload a new BLOB or reorder. 

(#26282) When creating an asset with a named association, the saved association is lost and is instead associated with a different, unrelated association

(#27294) Multiple execution of asset listener events when saving flex assets


(#25400) When deleting nodes from Tree tables like AssetRelationTree, a file lock mechanism is used to protect data integrity. File system may not be able to handle high loads of file locking. Replace locking w/ transactions

Publishing – Common

(#26848) DispatchManager not thread-safe.

Publishing – RealTime

(#27779) Reduce duplicate transaction callbacks

Publishing – Export to Disk

(#26214) A Page can be published without approving its compositional dependencies but the behavior is not consistent on subsequent edits.

Remote Satellite Server

(#19850) satellite:cookie is not making xhtml strict URLs

(#26679) STRING.STREAMBINARY is non-functional via RSS after upgrade.

Recent RSS change makes wrong assumption that incoming stream from CS is utf-8 encoded.

It should instead accept the encoding specified by CS. This breaks streaming binaries using STRING.STREAMBINARY.

Search – Framework

(#26431) Lucene indexing doesn't complete the assets queued in the Global_Q table


(#19036) Connecting to Content Server over https results in uncertification messages during login, preview and while using Dash UI.

NOTE - This issue still exists for IE6

(#22493 / 28948 / 28950 / 28951 / 29009 / 29078 / 29123 / 29247) Resolved cross site scripting XSS vulnerabilities

(#25174 / 28942 / 28945 / 29005) Resolved SQL Injection vulnerabilities

(#26217) getCurrentUser( ) call returns username

(#28944) HTTP Response Splitting is possible via theLoadRevisionBlob.jsp script

(#29003) Session Token stored in URL

(#29087) It is possible to trigger an infinite 302 request loop within the CAS login functionality. As a result, multiple requests may trigger load on the application server resulting in performance issues or site availability issues.

Site Entry / Template

(#15428) SiteEntry and Template need independent control for pageletonly

A new field “pageletonly” has been added to the Site Entry screen to accommodate this change


(#23735) Starting workflow with empty "Action to Take" field triggers files generated with "Assignment information not available" text

Utility - XMLPost

(#16797) Added ability to use ModifyData for Multi-valued blobs via XMLPost


Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6 Patch 1

Caching - Page Caching

(#25385) When you load an attribute using <assetset:setasset> followed by <assetset:getattributevalues> no dependencies are set on the page for the asset

Caching - Satellite Server

(#25658) Background process to generate new page fails if the page contains a link to another page generated using render:get*url.

This process is enabled when stalePages is set to true

Content Server - Core

(#22167) Table names used in queries that do not match the entry in SystemInfo table resulted in db errors

(#23594) Caching of queries changed to be non-case sensitive

Content Server Developer Tools

(#25457) Segments containing ScalarVals and HistoryVals do not get id mapped correctly

(#25465) Flex Attributes must be imported before the rest of the asset family

(#25482) Embedded Links are not id mapped

(#25496) CSDT Eclipse Plug-in does not save mapped values correctly.

(#25525) Command line option of fromSites and toSites is not supported for Tree Tab resources

(#25534) TreeTabs can have customized elements to handle rendering logic

(#25550) File timestamp should be the same as that on the asset

Dash UI

(#25545) The create new asset button was not displayed for multi-valued attributes


(#25223) Not possible to add an External Link to an included asset in FCKEditor

Page Cache - inCache

(#25780) InCache throws NullPointerException when serving deserialized pages in satellite server.

Publishing - Common

(#22613) CS calls unnecessary deleteonexit to cleanup temporary files even when these files are forced deleted at end of the request

Publishing - Console

(#25759) Tooltip displayed using default styles for non-English language packs

Publishing - Real Time

(#24232) First time Publish fails with no apparent reason

Revision Tracking

(#24030) Content server creates too many file for storing revisions


(#25311) Security hole in BlobServer flushtables

Resolved an issue where it was possible to flush the blob server cache without proper authentication

(#25329) %00 added to blobheadernameX bypasses bs.invalidheadernames

(#25725) CookieServer security vulnerability

Resolved an issue where it was possible to overwrite the JSESSIONID value using CookieServer


(#25567) Prevent SAXParserException if user has CAS attribute in the principal with special characters that are not xml escaped

(#25883) CAS is not honoring CS session timeout

 Issues Fixed in Content Server 7.6

Advanced UI

(#20767 / 24467) If no java plug-in found when accessing the Advanced UI, Content Server prompts to download JRE 1.4

(#22921)  Content Server was resolving Variables.action to a value "new" upon save when the Workflow email object was created. Any variables defined in the body of the object are meant to be resolved at runtime only. 

(#23552) When accessing Advanced UI over https, the tree applet prompts a security warning

(#23679) Using the "Add Another <attribute name>" button for multiple valued asset attributes resulted in blank values

(#23850) Sort options in the Advanced Search screen are not localized

NOTE - this is fixed for new basic assets, to apply the change to existing basic assets, the following strings need to be replaced in the element "OpenMarket\Xcelerate\AssetType\<BasicAssetName>\SearchForm.xml":

Existing code:

<setvar NAME="name" VALUE="Name"/>
<setvar NAME="category" VALUE="Category"/>
<setvar NAME="updatedby" VALUE="Modified By"/>
<setvar NAME="createddate" VALUE="Created Date"/>
<setvar NAME="createdby" VALUE="Created By"/>
<setvar NAME="updateddate" VALUE="Modified Date"/>

Replace above lines with the following lines:
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/AT/Common/Name" VARNAME="name"/>
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/UI/Admin/Category" VARNAME="category"/>
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/UI/Search/Modifiedby" VARNAME="updatedby"/>
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/UI/Search/CreatedDate" VARNAME="createddate"/>
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/Common/CreatedBy" VARNAME="createdby"/>
<XLAT.LOOKUP KEY="dvin/UI/Search/ModifiedDate" VARNAME="updateddate"/>


(#23975) Select-all check box in the dependent assets screen doesn't work due to a JavaScript error when an asset is approved for a static publish destination.

(#24258) Updated tree.jar with renewed Thawte certificate

(#24664) SQL exceptions are thrown when using a Start Menu that had the parent definition specified


(#20991) Business users with xcelpublish ACL are able to "Configure Destination" and "Edit Publish Schedule"


(#21182) Updating an asset that has a blob attribute using Asset API results in the blob file getting appended with ',#' even when no changes were made to the actual blob

(#21216) Updating a revision tracked asset using Asset API creates incorrect comments in the revision history.

(#21514 / 24003) Reading an asset with Asset API increases the unique id pool with each read operation. 

(#22015) Asset API is unable to read the contents of a basic asset where the storage type of an attribute is BLOB and the database is DB2 

API - JSP Tags

(#21879) Incorrect context links were generated by CS when using render:callelement with scope "stack" due to missing Satellite Server indicator.

(#24141) <asset:search/> tag doesn't accept DESC (uppercase) in the order attribute. This used to be case-insensitive in CS version 5.5

AssetMaker Assets

(#24179) Search using Asset API throws error message for asset types whose ADF file contains SQL query with SessionVariables.* or Variables.*

Caching - Page Caching

(#24723) Satellite Server loses headers if the page size requested from Content Server is larger than the application server buffer size (typically 8kb)

Clarkii On-Line Image Editor

(#23864) Insert image functionality does not work on Safari 5 browser.

(#23916) Browsing for a new image results in loss of previously uploaded image if operation is cancelled

(#23923) Response time delays in saving uploaded images

Content Server Core

(#24145 / 24150) Folders under \\{CS Install}\Shared that are generated based on a 2 level parent-child structure have a default numbering limit of 1024

We have introduced 2 new properties in futuretense.ini to override the current limit of 1024: Refer to the Property file reference for further information

(#24557) System Events are not supposed to run concurrently across the cluster members. Each cluster member is supposed to detect if another cluster member has either already run the event or is still running it. This was not working in the case where the actual execution time of the event was more than the scheduled interval between event runs

Dash UI

(#20037) Selecting "Add New" button on a multi-valued attribute with ImagePicker attribute editor throws exception in Dash UI and displays an error page. 

(#23771) When a child page is removed from the Site Plan of a PLACED parent page, the parent page is not marked as updated and publish status does not display as needing approval

(#24008) Existing images in the attribute are lost after selecting Search Assets button for PickAsset Attribute Editor in Dash UI

(#24024) Version controlled assets are left in checked-out state if child assets are created or updated in Dash UI

(#24730) If using Active Directory and username contains a single quote, an Unexpected Error is thrown when logging into Dash UI

(#24759) Setting the xcelerate.previewhost in futuretense_xcel.ini doesn't take effect in Dash UI. 

Editor - FCKEditor

(#21073) FCKEditor is stripping out html comments when switching between WYSIWYG and source views

(#21709) With LAZYLOAD enabled, FCKEditor appends extra space when attribute value type is STRING

(#22495) Not able to access cell properties if width of included image is larger than the table width

(#22750) JavaScript error may be thrown when selecting included asset in IE

(#24014) Linked asset is relocated to the beginning of the FCKEditor field if changed using "Changed Linked Asset" in Safari

(#24238) Added Cut and Copy Linked and Included Asset options to the right click menu for FCKEditor

(#24263) Added IMAGEPICKERID attribute support for AssetMaker Assets in FCKEditor

(#24552) JavaScript error is thrown when including an embedded link inside a <p> tag

(#24722) Blank space added after including an asset in FCKEditor.

(#24954) User cannot add text after an included image in FCKEditor.

(#21118) Unable to embed a link in FCKEditor or eWebEditPro with no wrapper page if one existed in the site

(#24174) Site Launcher fails when copying assets that have embedded links created with FCKEditor


(#24832) vdm:flushinactive and vdm:mergeinactive tags fail with ORA-01795 in Oracle database, when more than 1000 visitor sessions are linked by same visitoralias

Flex Assets

(#24155) Not possible to remove a multi-valued mandatory string attribute

A button "Delete this <attribute>" has been added to enable the ability to delete additional multi-valued string attributes in Advanced UI

(#23582) Visio MimeType not supported in Content Server

InSite Editing

(#24316) Calling insite:edit tag from an element that is called from within a form tag with method=post results in message "Failed to check out the asset implicitly. The asset may be locked by other user" when clicking on Edit button

Page Cache - inCache

(#24820 / 24822) AppServer provided cookies are being serialized resulting in " javax.servlet.http.Cookie" errors


(#22807 / 24184) Edit and save of Recommendations resulted in file accumulation due to Content Server not deleting the old class files but retaining them in a single directory which results in performance degradation.

(#24666 / 25012) ADF file is read every time an asset is loaded. To avoid these frequent loads ADF file is now cached after first read. 

(#24569) Improved performance of publishing tab on Asset inspect/edit screen in Dash UI by eliminating redundant calls to approval service.

(#25013) Queries to Dim and Dim_P tables add load on the database

Clients not using locale can eliminate these queries by following the directions in the Property Reference to turn these off

Publishing - Approval

(#24762) Approval queue deletes all entries in ApprovalQueue table while processing, this can lead to a race condition where entries are deleted prior to being processed

Publishing - Common

(#23980) Unable to publish BLOB attributes greater than 64MB

Publishing - Console

(#22766)  Unable to download Publish Log using DB2

Publishing - Real Time

(#23555)  Null Pointer Exception thrown during page generation during publish session

(#21020) Publishing a large number of parent assets (2000+) may cause assets to lose parents on destination

(#23986) NioFileLock warning message repeats in target logs

Reduced the frequency of the log messages to one

Publishing - Static

(#23256 / 24010) Editing of a static publish destination duplicates values in the "More Arguments" field.

(#23414) During a publish session if an error occurs in one of the templates, the publish session log only shows the references published until the error even though all references are published.

(#23952) If an asset has a BLOB image rendered with render:getbloburl and that image is used within an asset link, the link produced is the dynamic link rather than a static link


(#21390) The Lucene Global index should include createdby (not updated by) as part of the index so that the "Author" option in Advance Search (Dash UI) works properly.

Start Menu

(#21735) When assigning a default dimension via start menu, the value was not preserved on asset save


(#22827) If a template is shared across multiple sites, copying the template will populate the copied version's Site Catalog pagelet parameters with only that from the last shared site.


(#24487) A timeout on the last workflow step prevents the workflow action from being completed

(#24220) Failure to select a user for each role in the Set Participants screen causes an error when the workflow is started

 Issues Fixed in Web Experience Management 1.1


(#24087) Content Server Explorer allows login with a blank password if user authentication is through LDAP and WEM SSO is being used

(#25577) Passing CAS ticket via URL to another computer allows login

(#25985) Unable to logout of WEM when CS is clustered

(#26057) CAS redirect failed when behind a FireWall


 Important changes prior to CS 7.6

Other Important Issues fixed prior to CS 7.6 which are also applicable to CS 7.6

KeyView Removal (Patch 2)

Effective September 2009, Content Server no longer ships with KeyView. In place it ships with other document transformation open source libraries

The patch 2 or higher rollup installer will:

Both full text search and Desktop will use the new transformation libraries.

Known limitations:

Caching - Page Caching Enhancements (Patch 2)

(#20107) Improve system performance during cache regeneration phase

This enhancement provides the ability to specify URLs to be regenerated. An additional module is required to enable this functionality which can be requested from FatWire Support

(#20824) Enable PageBuilder to publish individual pages

To enable new behavior, please make following configuration changes:

On the editorial system

1. Make sure that ft.usedisksync & ft.sync of futuretense.ini are set correctly; ft.sync and ft.usedisksync should not be empty and should be the same value on all cluster members.

2. xcelerate.lockdir property in futuretense_xcel.ini must not be empty and must have the same value on all cluster members

3. Specify switch
-Dinsite.saveslotsonly=true and -Dinsite.usemarkerassets=true in VM options (for all clustered members)

4. Create Page associations - these must be created as specified below for this functionality to work correctly:
                    1. Create CompositionSlot_C flex asset type:
                            a. create a flex family whose Flex Asset type is called CompositionSlot_C.
                            b. create the following attributes:
                                        ownerid (Value Type:asset, Asset Type: Template, Mirror Dependency Type: exists)
                                        slotname (Value Type:string)
                                        site (Value Type:string)
                                        context (Value Type:string)
                                        template (Value Type:string)
                                        variant (Value Type:string)
                                        arguments (Value Type:text)
                                        state (Value Type:string)

                        c. create a flex definition named CompositionSlotDef which contains all above attributes as optional
                        d. add the following Named Association to the CompositionSlot_C asset type

                                        Name: Asset,

                                        Child Asset: Any

                                        CompositionSlot_C Subtypes: Any

                                        Mirror Dependency Type: Exact

                                        Multivalued Association: Single Valued

                            2. Add the following association to the Page asset:

                                                Name: Slots

                                                Child Asset: Any

                                                Page Subtypes: Any

                                                Mirror Dependency Type Exact

                                                Multivalued Association: "Multivalued"


5. If publishing from development to editorial will overwrite the template composition table - to avoid this overwrite use the

    Template Composition Preserver Module available from FatWire Support

On the delivery system:

            1. Run the following query to install the asset event listener

(NOTE: Do not register this event on editorial system where pages are being built using PageBuilder)

 insert into AssetListener_reg values (1234567, ‘com.openmarket.xcelerate.controlpanel.CompositionSlotEventListener’,Y


        Limitations of this implementation:

        1. CompositionSlot_C Assets’ Lifecycle
                    a. CompositionSlot_C assets; which act as proxies for publishing composition information; do not have a

                        well-defined lifecycle because they are not deleted by the system when they are obsolete.

                    b. The maximum number of CompositionSlot_C assets is (number of pages in all sites) x (number of slots

                        per page)

                    c. If an existing slot is modified, the corresponding CompositionSlot_C assets is updated and no new

                        assets are created.

                    d. It is possible to remove CompositionSlot_C assets

        2. Impact of Empty Slot Contexts
            It is recommended to ensure that context values are non-null for all slots. The system does not handle null context

            correctly in some cases, which can lead to duplicate CompositionSlot_C assets created for the same slot and

            other unexpected behavior.

        3. Impact of Not Using Wrapper Pages
            If the template that renders the slots is not rendered through a wrapper, the context values for all of its slots will be

            empty. All templates that contain slots must be rendered through wrapper pages.

        4. Customized Context Values
            When setting custom context values, ensure that each unique slot has a distinct context value. Colliding context

            values could lead to inadvertently overlapping slots across different pages (if Ownerid, Site, and Slotname are

            the same) and could cause content to be overwritten and/or repeated across unrelated pages that happen to use

            the same slots.

Timestamp Storage Change (Patch 4)

As of patch 4, values of date fields are stored to millisecond accuracy in Content Server’s database, in the format hh:mm:ss.SSS. The JVM flag -Dcs.useMilliseconds determines whether the millisecond portion of the timestamp can be read and how entries in the Lucene search index are affected. The use of -Dcs.userMilliseconds=true is only supported for use in CS systems that are integrated with Community Server.


If -Dcs.useMilliseconds=false (or not set), dates are written to the database to millisecond accuracy, but the millisecond portion of the timestamp cannot be read. As a result, when the Lucene search engine reads Content Server’s database while indexing, it leaves the timestamps of index entries in their existing format.


Milliseconds can be read only by APIs and tags, as long as the following conditions hold:

·         The JVM flag -Dcs.useMilliseconds is set to true.

·         After patch 4 is installed, the Lucene Index Conversion Tool was run to include milliseconds in timestamps (http://<hostname:port>/context/ContentServer?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/Search/IndexDateChangeUtil).

All timestamps for Lucene index entries are then assigned the value 000 in the millisecond position, which is updated to actual time when the entries are updated.


Switching back to -Dcs.useMilliseconds=false after a Lucene index has been updated with millisecond information does not require re-indexing or reversing the conversion in any way. Setting the -Dcs.useMilliseconds flag to true always requires running the Lucene Index Conversion Tool.

New Logger (Patch 5)

com.fatwire.logging.cs.file to monitor file path, file content size, and operation time if it is great than 300 ms.

 Known Issues / Limitations in Content Server 7.6 Patch 2


(#26752) When a revision tracked asset is deleted, on the initial inspection of asset, AssetCache shows this asset with updated time and valid dependency which is incorrect  

CSDT – Plug-in

(#26183) Removing an ElementCatalog entry from an attribute editor will not automatically remove it when deployed using CSDT. Instead, the obsolete ElementCatalog entry belonging to the attribute editor should be removed manually from the target system.


(#26183) Issues when using invalid multi-ticket to call RSS:

When you use an invalid multi-ticket in a REST call to SS, instead of redirecting to the login screen, it throws an exception:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Failed to parse assertion for multi ticket xxx


When you use an invalid mult-ticket in a REST call to SS, it does redirect to the login screen. However, instead of generating a ticket and displaying the requested information, the redirect fails, and an error is shown.

(#30028) Initiating a REST call using an invalid ticket or multi-ticket via the browser while you are logged into CS will be successful as it will use the session ticket



 Known Issues / Limitations in Content Server 7.6

Access Permissions

(#15056) Can't edit recommendations without SiteGod role

If an editorial user is added to the UI and that user is not given SiteGod privileges, the user cannot edit Recommendation assets if they are more than static list recommendations. The following error appears on the screen: Error -3 encountered while saving. Error: errno=-3 on call to catalog manager for table 'RuleSetDef'

Advanced UI

(#25035)  Downloading thread dumps from the System Tools is not supported for WebSphere

(#25321) 500 error is thrown if you browse directly to CS-Cache status when AssetCache is not started or enabled

(#25499) Pasting text using Ctrl+V into the query box of the Log Viewer triggers View Logs function. The correct short cut for log viewer functionality is Ctrl + shift + V.

(#24934) Downloaded log files from System Tools doesn't include information from cas.log

(#25178) Right click REFRESH does not refresh page for Thread Info, CS Info, and DB Info

(#25310) Message "An error has occurred" appears when attempting to view logs in Log Viewer if the logs are empty.

(#25312) "No access allowed" messages appear multiple times when permissions are insufficient for viewing table information in DB Info

(#25425) Unable to run the File System test multiple times without changing the type of test to run

(#24874) Deleting an optional multi-valued attribute that contains only one value using the "Delete this item" button will not remove the value, the value in the data field should be manually removed


(#1513) Content Server requires column names returned in length order

When implementing an IList, Content Server requires that column names be returned in length order, especially when one column name is a prefix of another column name (i.e., order and order_id). This can affect performance if the implementing IList class wants to maintain a column order.

(#2046) ics.CommitBatchedCommands() does not return the correct status.

ics.CommitBatchedCommands() does not return the correct status or set the errno variable properly in every situation.

(#10085) No session web services requests degrades performance with LDAP

(#13653) JSP Processing Adds Whitespace

Take an xml page that wraps code that streams a document back to the user -- this allows for checking the user credentials before the doc is streamed. If we try to call out the a JSP to do the validation the stream fails - it actually spits the bytes into the browser since something IS coming before the header. The JSP the I called was completely on 1 line so it should not have 'preserved' any white space

(#14653) Asset export of non-page/collection assets does not contain unnamed associations.

When using asset:export / asset.export tags on an asset that isn't a page or collection, the output XML doesn't contain info about the unnamed associations.

(#14765) GetCompleAttribute would throw exception if the asset does not have a parent

In flex Asset, getCompleAttribute method always assumes that there is a parent for the passing in asset type + definition, if there is none, a CS.DB exception would be thrown relating to getting "assetid" from ResultSet while the resultset is empty.

(#14801) ASSET.LOAD does not set any error number when trying to load an asset that doesn't exist

(#17020) The Asset API Tutorial contains example byte d = fileObj.getBinary(); However getBinary() no longer exist. It has been changed to getBinaryStream() which returns an InputStream .

Instead of byte d = fileObj.getBinary() , the example should be changed to

byte d = newbyte[fileObj.getBinaryStream().available()];                                                    

     (#18639) ASSET.DELETEREVISION is missing a mapping in the tag file

The parser for ASSET.DELETEREVISION is in com.openmarket.xcelerate.commands.AssetDispatcher. It does call through to OBJECT.DELETEREVISION, so if the ObjectDispatcher.tag file is incorrect then an error will result.

(#20816) Asset API allows delete of parent asset that is referenced by another

(#20873) Dynamic loading of new DataSource using loadproperty tag is not supported

(#25420) Asset API is not able to set the fw_uid

API - XML Tags

(#21312) If a session variable and CS variable use the same name within a coding element, SessionVariables.somename incorrectly gets resolved to Session<value of Variables.somename> first. This causes the SessionVariable to be unresolved. To workaround this issue, variable names should be different than the names of variables stored in the session.


(#25240) Uploading a BLOB larger than 5MB will result in an exception "Error met serializing / deserializing <Assettype ID> for copying purpose in AssetCache". This can be safely ignored.

AssetMaker Assets

(#25301) Unable to create asset of type AMAsset on Oracle database when it has an URL attribute  and if revision tracking is enabled for the asset type

Basic Assets

(#20993) Content Server does not support the creation of attributes which are named the same as standard attributes

Browser Support

(#19635) If Apache WebServer is not configured to use HTTP1.1, pages will be cached by IE

(#19759) Using Firefox with the Advanced UI tree off or InSite popup to select an asset during asset association produces no response

(#20891) Incorrect file names when opening / saving documents - user needs to be aware and correct manually for saving

(#20952) Japanese characters not rendering correctly on asset preview in IE8

(#20987) Unable to write Path in Browse fields using IE8 and FireFox 3.5

This is a browser limitation

(#21038) Logging into Dash UI or Previewing assets will generate errors related to missing content type in FireFox error console when running on WebLogic AppServer

            To resolve this issue, you can modify your web.xml file by adding the following:






(#23622) In Safari the cursor may not visually appear in the box for a text field

(#23662) Tree tabs are displayed in linear form on MacOS


     (#18697) BulkLoader / BulkApprover known limitations

·         Without validation, the utility ignores versioning on content. With validation, if the content type is under versioning, it will not update the content.

·         Page cache is not flushed by BulkLoader. as page cache is persistent, the cache should be cleared prior to running BulkApprover

·         BulkApprover requires running Content Server as it is implemented via CS tags

·         Flex filters are not fired (for example, FieldCopier)

·         BulkLoader does not support Blobs; for this you should use XMLPost

·         BulkLoader should not be executed while Content Server is running

·         When assets are added using BulkLoader, the assets will not be indexed in Lucence. You will need to re-indexed after import.

·         BulkApprover will not update the PubAsset Table to reflect the publish status after running Approve and Mark_Publish

Caching - BLOB Server

(#25431) Saving an asset from Dash UI after changing a blob attribute does not flush BlobServer correctly

Caching - Satellite Server

         (#17435) Satellite disk cache grows with uncached blobs

Any blob which is not supposed to be cached by the Satellite Server will be added under  <sscacedir>/uncachedblob. This directory can grow if blobs are not being cached on the satellite server. The content of this directory can be safely deleted at any time. It can be deleted manually or by using the FlushServer reset call.  Note: FlushServer reset call will also clear all the cache from the Satellite Server

         (#18448) CS does not respect cache-control=no-cache

(#18534) Undesired headers are being passed from client to Remote Satellite Server when a WebServer (Sun Web Server 6.1) is in the middle of Content Server and Remote Satellite Server


(#605) Deleting tables using CatalogManager.

If you have enabled revision tracking for an object table, and then you delete the table using CatalogManager, Content Server still thinks that the table is being revision tracked.

(#2037) SystemSQL column tablename is allowed to be null.

Content Server allows the value in the tablename column in the SystemSQL table to be null. However, for result set caching to work properly, this value must be specified.

(#2534) Cannot log in to Content Server if username is the same as "id" value in SystemUsers.

You cannot log into Content Server if the username you are using to log in has the same "id" value of a different user in the SystemUsers table. For example, DefaultReader has an ID value of 2. If you create a user with the username "2," that user cannot log in.


(#2272) Selecting a specific HTML file for import does not work properly if more than one file exists in the directory location.

(#2548) CatalogMover does not export from columns that hold blobs.

For example, a table is created with a column using the data type specified by the property cc.blob. An image is uploaded to the table. When CatalogMover exports the row, the image is not written out to the export data.

Content Server Developer Tools

(#24252) When creating templates using the existing element option, if the specified element does not exist, an empty template will be created on CS but cannot be exported

(#24483) If filename length of exported file exceeds the OS filename limitation, the file cannot be exported. This is likely to happen if filename of uploaded blob is too long.

(#24813) Page Subtypes are created for specific sites however when importing into the destination, the site specifications are not preserved resulting in the subtype being enabled on all sites on the destination

(#24846) Deleting a site does not update the information on the exported assets. The workaround is to first unshare the assets from the site which you wish to delete then delete the site.

(#24859) Deleting of non-asset resources should be done manually on each destination. This is currently no sync for deleted non-asset resources

(#24883) User must be cautious of the order which resources are imported. Consider situation where all developers have A points to B in their system. Then one developer changes A to point to C and deletes B. If other developers were to sync B before A, the import will fail since you cannot delete an asset that is being referenced.

(#25173) During import, you may experience some indexing data exceptions. This will only affect the search index and not the actual data import. Re-Index the affected asset types after the import if necessary.

(#25231 / 25341) Resources that contain fw_uids which include slashes or commas cannot be exported

(#25384) The Sync and FW workspace views in Eclipse do not properly display UTF-8 characters on Windows.

(#25403) The locale hierarchy information is not preserved for exported hierarchical DimensionSet. The workaround is to manually configure the hierarchal information after import.

(#25417) Slots from InSite Templating are not supported

(#25418) Exporting a Page which contains a category will result in the category field missing in the exported data. This should be manually added after the import on the target system

(#25437) Key/Value pairs containing assetIDs are not id mapped on the destination. These need to be manually remapped on the destination

(#25457) Segments containing ScalarVals and HistoryVals do not get id mapped correctly. The workaround is to recreate the Segment on the destination

(#25465) Flex Attributes must be imported before the rest of the asset family

(#25482) Embedded Links are not id mapped. These links will need to be updated on the destination

(#25496) CSDT Eclipse Plug-in does not save mapped values correctly.

(#25525) Command line option of fromSites and toSites is not supported for Tree Tab resources

(#25534) TreeTabs can have customized elements to handle rendering logic. The elements are currently not exported/imported along with the TreeTab. Related elements need to be created manually.

(#25536) SiteCatalog resources do not contain a dependency on the ElementCatalog resource. These currently need to be exported/imported manually

(#25547) The CSDT Eclipse Plug-in auto complete will add double quotes if your AppServer does not support this, the double quotes must be changed to single quotes manually

(#25550) File timestamp should be the same as that on the asset

(#25552) CSDT does not support assets enabled for revision tracking

CS - Desktop

(#22358) Locale selected during creating an asset from CS-Desktop doesn't appear in CS-Desktop before save even though its saved correctly


    (#16999) CS-DocLink : Change to Doc Type does not take effect after refresh

After the Document Type is changed in CS, refreshing DocLink does not make this change active - the user must logout and log back in for the change to be effective.

    (#18649) Required fields are not marked as "Required" in DocLink Edit Configuration screen.

Required fields are not marked as "Required" in DocLink Edit Configuration screen. But From CS-DocLink Client interface its prompting properly for all required fields problem only with Edit Configuration field.


    (#14288) If a wrapper page has a "." in its name, code will not execute.

ANY template or site entry cannot have a "." in its name

Dash UI

(#15009) Two instance of browsers for dash (different servers) are not allowed

(#15084) Dash UI - links in multi valued blob attribute are pointing to incorrect blobs after sorting

(#15098) Template drop-down does not have the correct values for basic assets

(#15099) Dash UI - Copy keeps referenced by incorrectly

Dash UI - Copy keeps referenced by incorrectly 1). Create a product asset - say A - (this is the master) 2). Create a translation - say B 3). Go back to asset 'A' and click on copy (don't click on save) Observe - In the Relation tab - the Referenced by shows 'B'. (this is because its copying everything from A - which is incorrect) On saving - the referenced by is refreshed correctly

    (#17087) Dash - Site description truncated to 20 characters in the select a site drop down.

(#22042) Uploaded BLOBs of 10MB or greater will lose some bytes of data. This is due to an issue with Oracle's ADF faces upLoadFile UI component.

(#24946) Javascript errors are thrown if the Dash UI is opened from the Dash button on Advanced UI’s tool bar and then the user closes the Advanced UI browser window.


(#3617)  Content Server doesn't handle field length correctly when using UTF-8. 

e.g. The maximum length of asset's name is 64 characters in html form (input type="text" maxlength="64"). If I enter 64 letters into the text field, SQLException occurs. That happens because the name field is VARCHAR(64), which is 64 bytes which is incorrect for UTF-8.

Editor - eWebEditPro

(#20949) In InSite, the text selected to add the included asset is appearing at the top of the popup

Editor - FCKEditor

(#19369) For assets created prior to Content Server 7.5 Patch 1 - If the first piece of data in the FCKEditor window is an embedded link or included asset, you must switch to source view to add additional content prior to the embedded link or included asset. Similarly, if the last asset is an embedded link or included asset, source view must also be used to add additional content immediately following the link or included asset.

(#22592) LAZYLOAD option is not supported for Basic Assets when using Safari or Firefox

Editor - ImageEditor

(#20866)  Image transparencies are replaced with a light grey color when saving an asset with a BLOB attribute using ImageEditor.


    (#18620) Static Recommendations have a strange behavior over 100

        Use multiple named associations for collection purposes rather than recommendations.

(#19182) Recommendation selection criteria "Random" will organize based on the weighted rating.

(#19816) The index on VMVisitorAlias that puts a unique constraint on the combination of visitoridentifier and visitor columns causes the page to fail to render and stack traces will appear in the log when the same visitor visits the site again. To resolve this issue, drop the index on this combination.

Flex Assets

(#15284) Advanced UI: "move up" OR "move down" ICONS are not appearing in case of Image Picker - multiple (ordered)

(#20906) When running Content Server on WebLogic, the "Add Another" functionality of multivalued attributes will result in the "Select Product Parent Definition" form being displayed

  InSite Editing

    (#) Multiple users editing a single asset at the same time may cause data corruption under load conditions

(#17284) A JavaScript error is seen on save after an InSite edit operation on a template that has a <p> </p> tag around the insite:edit tag for a field with editor=FCKEditor.

        To workaround this issue, place the <p> and </p> inside a div tag

(#20966) JavaScript error and lists do not update when replacing existing asset by adding a newly created asset

(#21026) Switching the template when an asset is in edit mode will load the asset in preview mode, but the left nav will remain in edit mode

Install - Installer

(#15594) When cs.use.short.jsp.names=false (the new default value - used to be true by default), JSP elements that contain dots (such as " ") will not get deployed properly.

They will be deployed without the .jsp extension so the AppServer won't know how to run them. To work around this, clients who use dots in their jsp element names should set cs.use.short.jsp.names=true.

    (#16333) Silent installer does not pick up password from omii.ini

To set the password for a silent production install

1. Open the cs-core.xml file
2. Search for this block of text
    <IF COND="Variables.bShowInstallTypeDialog=false">
     <SETVARIABLE NAME="passwordVar" VALUE=" "/>
     <SETVARIABLE NAME="passwordAdminVar" VALUE=" "/>

3. Set the ContentServer/SatelliteServer user password with <SETVARIABLE NAME="passwordVar" VALUE=" "/> .. specify the password in the value filed

4. Set the fwadmin user password with <SETVARIABLE NAME="passwordAdminVar" VALUE=" "/> .. specify the password in the value filed 

5. Save the file and run the silent install as specified in the install guide. During the delivery install make sure Development is set to FALSE in omii.ini file  - NOTE - this is case sensitive and should be typed in all UPPERCASE

 (#18198) Lock escalations may occur when Real Time Publishing is running in multi-threaded mode using MSSQL Database.


The resolution to this is to make the following change to

<bean id="DataUnpacker" class="com.fatwire.realtime.ParallelUnpacker" singleton="false">
    <property name="deserializer">
        <ref local="DataDeserializer" />
    <property name="messenger">
       <ref local="EmbeddedMessenger_unpacker" />
    <property name="numParallelTasks" value="3" />

<bean id="DataUnpacker" class="com.fatwire.realtime.ParallelUnpacker" singleton="false">
    <property name="deserializer">
        <ref local="DataDeserializer" />
    <property name="messenger">
        <ref local="EmbeddedMessenger_unpacker" />
    <property name="numParallelTasks" value="1" />

Install - Upgrade

    (#15541) Upgrade automatically disables search indexing

To take advantage of the newly added search functionality, a re-index is required after upgrade.

    (#18386) Multi-valued association for upgraded basic assets shows different UI


·         Log into the site

·         In the tree, pick the "Admin" tab

·         Open the "Asset Types" node

·         Double-click on ImageFile

·         On the right pane, click the "Register Asset Elements..." button

·         On the confirmation screen, click "Register Asset Elements" again

    (#18514) Basic asset checked out pre-upgrade returns an error when checked out in Dash UI post-upgrade

            The workaround is to check in the asset in Advanced UI before checking it out in DASH

    (#18552) Oracle Database related properties get changed during upgrade

Ensure that the futuretense.ini property cs.dbtype is set to cs.dbtype=Oracle10 prior to upgrade to Content Server 7.5

    (#18601) Upgrades on JSK or on client's installation that contains hidden/system files will fail

Client shouldn't have system or hidden files in there war or exploded folder. The reason is that the installer won't be able to overwrite such files when it is auto deploying files/folders.

    (#19581 / 20694) Upgrade from 5.5.2 to 7.x - Templates cannot share the same elements

In earlier versions of Content Server it was possible to share elements between different templates. Content Server 7.x no longer supports this.

Page Cache - inCache

(#23044) Remote Satellite Server does not sync up with CS after restart

(#23060) Persisting cache to disk wipes out Last AccessTime and hit count on RSS

(#23243) inCache Tool should only be used after inCache has been initialized by rendering a page

(#23805) inCache should be initialized on all cluster members prior to caching any pages in order to ensure that the cache remain in sync between cluster members


    (#14855) Export to Disk - Changing display template results in multiple assets in pub list

For a site that uses static publishing when you change the template on an asset and save it, and publish, then the asset remains in the publish list with the old template and also shows in the new one. Changing to a 3rd template on the asset and publishing added it to the publish list 3 times (one for each template it had been saved and published with). This is a problem because the template the user wants is higher in the list than the other ones, and so the html output is overwritten with one of the template choices the user doesn't want.

    (#15300) Tree tabs are NOT mirrored to the Destination system.

Tree tabs are NOT mirrored to the Destination system when user uses the mirror site configuration option in source system.
In order to mirror the tree tabs you need to do the following:

·         Login and go to the admin tab in the tree applet

·         Go to Sites and select a site..sat FSII

·         Scroll down and click on 'Mirror site configuration for FSII Destination (dynamic)'

·         Click 'Mirror'

    (#16940) RealTime: All fields (Attributes) and their corresponding data NOT published to CS target system.

        Templates should be published first

    (#16983) Mirror publish fails with an error "Address already in use: connect"

If Mirror publish fails with an error "Address already in use: connect" then you can set the property http.protocol.version=1.0 in the file and try the publish again. You can create the file in the same folder that stores the

    (#17868) Export to Disk - Exported page effectively rendered with wrong template when using SIMPLENAME


(#22438) Exception is thrown when starting WebLogic server and after logout from Advanced UI after rollup with WEM. This can be safely ignored. Tried all: '1' addresses, but could not connect over HTTP to server

Satellite Server

    (#15219) Content Server and Satellite Server have to be in the same time zone

(#25269) Content-type header is lost when a wrapper page is called using Co-resident Satellite Server. Content Server logs "Unable to set header (header name) because the header has already been committed". The workaround is to increase the application server response buffer size.


(#20900) Lucene fails to index text that comes after dashes, underscores and other special characters

(#21003) If indexing takes longer than the cs.timeout setting, exceptions will be thrown and indexing may be in an unstable state. The timeout should be adjusted based on the size of index

(#22876) SQL Server only stores milliseconds up to 3.33 millisecond precision with data type DATETIME

(#23309) Any modifications made to replace or customize the date attribute editor in Content Server UIs will need to account for the possibility of the presence of milliseconds in date fields if cs.useMilliseconds is set to true. The Zapatec widget used by default in Advanced and Dash UIs has already been modified to strip milliseconds, as it does not support them in its date format.

(#24827) Content Server does not support indexing legacy Word95 documents and throws an exception in the logs.

Search - Dash UI

(#18980)  Lucene standard analyzer treats words differently if they contain a hyphen (-)

For example:

ABC-DEF-HIJ is sometimes indexed as one word and sometimes indexed separately as "ABC" and "DEF-HIJ", when this occurs, searching for "ABC-DEF-HIJ" will not always return the proper results.

(#20877) Search for text within XML or HTML tags is not supported

Site Management

(#22700) Creating a site without an InSite Preview asset results in errors in the log which can be safely ignored and "Variables.previewAsset" appearing in the InSite Preview Asset field in Advanced UI

Site Launcher

(#14933) Site Launcher: the CS-Desktop information in the replicated site does not set the description field for CS Desktop to enabled in the copied site

(#15179) If site to be replicated is too big, then SiteLauncher takes considerable amount of time to replicate (more than 2+ hrs). 

(#16099) Type:ID MAP entry causes error during site replication

(#18302) Replicated FirstSite II does not work after replication if content assets are shared


(#) POST tag sends login and logout requests to the URL being posted.

The POST tag works incorrectly when USERNAME, PASSWORD or LOGOUT attributes are passed to it. Login and logout requests are sent to the URL being posted to instead of CatalogManager. One workaround is to perform login before this tag is executed. Alternatively, FormPoster API can be directly used to perform the post operation.

(#2458) SQLEXP adds a percent sign (%) to the front and back of the literal when LIKE is used.

(#5763) SEARCHSTATE.ADDRICHTEXTCONSTRAINT fails when the resultset returns more than 1000 rows.

    (#17666) Unable to delete page and basic assets using asset:void tag if a valid pubid is not present in session.

        Workaround is to set the pubid in the session to "0", then remove it again after voiding.


(#8014) Do not use <throwexception> in template code.

Do not use the tag <throwexception> in the code of a template asset. <throwexception> effectively kills execution in CS for itself and any nested or parent CS engine. This breaks template execution and streaming of data to the client. In addition, when a user approves a template for export publish, a <throwexception> terminates the execution of the approval page and the user gets no feedback.

User Management - LDAP

    (#16520) For LDAP - If you are using Engage specify visitor ACL for Default Reader along with Browser ACL

    (#17275) Site names that include a hyphen '-' are not supported if using LDAP

User Management

(#2153) The dir:replaceattrs tag does not give an error when an attribute or user does not exist.

The dir:replaceattrs tag, which is part of the CS-Direct application that Content Server uses for user management, does not throw an exception when it is trying to replace the user attribute value of a nonexistent user attribute or for a nonexistent user.

(#13432) Updates made to ACLs are not reflected consistently

If the updates are made using CS User Admin Screen, they are reflected immediately. However, if ACLs are updated directly in LDAP server, then we recommend that you

1.                   Restart your portal/Application server for the changes to take effect or

2.                   Flush ACL cache using the URL

If a user without any ACL logs in to CS, CS allows user to perform only those operations that a user with Browser ACL can perform.


(#8211) Canceling Set Participants causes the workflow to be set to all participants.

If you select a workflow for an asset, then go to the Set Participants form, then click the Cancel button, the workflow is set to all participants, as if you had selected the Select All button.

(#9654) After doing "Finish My Assignment" the "Abstain" function is missing.

When a user has finished their assignment and the assignment is 'queued' (in an all-voting step) the Abstain function is incorrectly missing from the workflow actions dropdown. If this occurs when the asset is in workflow deadlock, the user may change his vote to fix the deadlock.


(#1558) XML namespaces are stripped from XML elements during evaluation.

(#14495) XMLPost Creating Recursive Dependency on Itself When Trying To Modify Parent


 (#1597) Content Server Events (APPEVENT) are ignored if the previous event took too long.

For example, if you have a Content Server event that is scheduled to occur every minute and one of the events took 70 seconds to execute, the next event is ignored.

(#2035) Changing cc.contentkey causes problems.

Changing the value of the cc.contentkey property to something other than the default value causes problems with CS tables that depend on this property. FatWire recommends that you do not change this property.

(#13969) <render:LogDep> could cause un-linked cache

If there is a un-recognized rendermode passed, the system will cache the page and not log the dependencies. This will cause the page not being flushed in anyway since there dependencies are not there. The correct behavior should be:

        1. Cache the page and log the dependencies anyway or

        2. If the dependencies are not logged, do not cache the page.

(#20745) Generic Server error is displayed in the futuretense.txt log file when viewing uploaded documents with Word 2007

When opening documents from a URL location in Microsoft Office 2007, the Office library makes an HTTP HEAD request to the web server for the opening URL. Content Server does not support HEAD requests which causes this exception to appear in the log file.

(#25183) WAS ignores the servlet session API function setMaxInactiveInterval setting which is set from cs.timeout. To set the session inactive timeout use the WAS admin console to change the session setting for the application or place the timeout value appropriately in the web.xml file.

(#25553) Preview functionality does not work if values are specified in previewhost and previewservlet and you preview using the InSite button



 Known Issues / Limitations in Web Experience Management 1.1

Articles Sample Application

(#22461) Creating / Inspecting FW_ArticleAsset from Advanced UI throws the following exception in the log which can be safely ignored:

[CS.DB][ERROR] No where clause value for column category in table Category
[CS.DB][ERROR] Unable to build a where clause from columns category,assettype for query CategoryDescription


(#21510) AssetMaker AssetType presentation in Advanced UI is not preserved when created through REST API

The INPUTFORM tag support is limited in ASSET API when creating basic asset types via REST. As a result, unsupported INPUTFORM TYPES are interpreted as <INPUTFORM TYPE="TEXT" WIDTH="48" REQUIRED="YES"/>. In order for users to see proper asset type attributes in Content Server UI's, the INPUTFORM tags need to be updated in the asset descriptor file through the database (AssetType table in CSE).

(#21531) Although description is a required attribute for a Site, the Sites REST service doesn't validate for a Site description during create/edit.

(#21535) If you delete a role via REST, the corresponding entry for Site and Users is not deleted

Use WEM Admin UI to delete a role or manually clean up the UserPublication table to remove the dependencies

(#21835) Setting BufferingConfig.xml to use multiple threads is not supported

(#21956) When using REST API the following message is displayed on the server side and can be safely ignored:

com.sun.jersey.core.impl.provider.xml.SAXParserContextProvider getInstance
WARNING: JAXP feature XMLConstants.FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING cannot be set on a SAXParserFactory. External general entity processing is disbaled but other potential securty related features will not be enabled.
org.xml.sax.SAXNotRecognizedException: http://javax.xml.XMLConstants/feature/secure-processing

(#22366) Multivalued association is not returned with the ordinal value

(#22441) Deleted groups are not deleted from the Security Configuration.

The group can be manually deleted by removing the entries from the FW_CSSecurityConfig table.

(#22499) When under load, the following exception may occur when using Buffered Writes, this can be safely ignored as the data is properly returned:

com.sun.jersey.server.impl.application.WebApplicationImpl onException
SEVERE: Internal server error javax.xml.bind.MarshalException

(#22571) Content-type header must be set to allow delete operations

(#22613) When creating asset types in REST, the PluralForm is not reflected/honored in Advanced UI

(#22697) Invoking the Delete method on a non-existent object returns a 200 status code

(#22715) Update is not working for Application object type if Delete permission is not also granted

(#22737) A user who has UserEditor ACL is able to create a user when he is NOT a member of any REST security group

(#25205) If the first request after a restart of CS is a PUT, the create will fail with a 500 error

(#25297) The Navigation service will return a 500 instead of 200 error if there are no Page assets

(#25420) REST  API is not able to set the fw_uid

(#25424) Access to navigation service requires user to be part of the RESTAdmin Group

WEM Admin UI Application

(#21279) Case sensitivity of sorting is inconsistent

(#22292) Warning messages "The value entered is not valid" move up and down with mouse navigation and remain on the screen when navigating to other pages

(#22318) Site names with special characters or symbols are not getting deleted

Delete the site using Advanced UI in this case

(#22448) Inconsistency between table search and transfer box search - transfer box search matches based on starting characters, table search matches characters anywhere in the string

(#22717) Deleting a site does not clean up the Apps assigned to the site

To resolve this, manually remove the site entries from the urlaccessroles column in FW_Applications table using CSE

(#22728) Cannot assign roles to a user who has stale group membership data

The workaround for this is to edit and save the user in the WEM Admin UI

WEM UI Framework

(#21790) Use of the browser back button is not supported

(#22719) Attempting to access Dash UI application without the DashUser role causes the "Unexpected Error" page to be shown.

The user needs to clear the browser cookie to continue should this occur

(#22722) Dash "Loading...." indicator remains present if you change to another application prior to the operation completing in Dash

To avoid this issue, wait for the current operation to complete before changing to another application through WEM

(#22780) Unable to login thru CAS with internationalized username

(#25359) Logout button on WEM UI is missing after installing language pack.


(#22710) "Loading...." wheel occasionally spins indefinitely on the Security configuration page

If this occurs, continue to click on the next selection and it should resolve the issue






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